Hog Roast Machine For Hire

£150 per event (plus deposit 20%)

If you are looking to hold an event, party or wedding and cater for a large number of people, why not hire our Hog master.

Our Hog master cooks your pig to perfection. The machine uses gas (supplied) to cook and the pig sits on a tray and cooks slowly in an ‘oven’. You may even have space for some extra joints. Cooking with a hog roast instead of spit roast makes the tastiest meat ever and the pig (or other meat) cooks more evenly than on the spit and it is easier to manage.

The Hog roast takes a pig up to 60kg and this can feed between 100 and 150 people. If you prefer to leave the head and trotters on, you will cater for around 80 people.

We may be able to supply you with a pig, please check with the farm for availability and price (see Contact Page).

For more information call us on 07881 105191 or email localfood@clinkscarefarm.org