Our aim is to provide good value seasonal farm food for local communities. We believe that fresh produce should be accessible for everyone to enable them to eat well on any budget. Our produce is quite different to Supermarket supplies but you know that the food is fresh, tasty and has not traveled around the world to reach your plate!

To contact us regarding our produce please click: localfood@clinkscarefarm.org

Click here to download Clinks farm produce leaflet


Home reared meat is available direct from the Farm and a small number of local outlets. We sell pork, lamb and mutton. All our meat is sold frozen. When you buy meat from Clinks care farm you know that the animals have had a good life. The pigs live outdoors in large pens and eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Our lambs thrive on our luscious green grass. You can taste the difference. All our meat is butchered at Bradwell butchery. We can deliver a weekly meat box to your door. For £12.50 you will receive 4 packs of Clinks care farm sausages (4 varieties), burgers, pork chops, bacon, lamb chops or liver. See our Meat Prices for more info.


Free range eggs are available direct from the farm. A box of eggs is added to each veg box in the veg box scheme.

Fruit and  Vegetables

Fresh produce is available most of the year. We sell direct from the Farm, at Beccles Farmer’s Market, from various local outlets and through our Vegetable Box Scheme, which is a great way to get fresh local produce delivered to your door on a regular basis. We aim to include as much Clinks Farm produce as possible, but may also add other local produce not available at our farm. For more information download our Vegetable Box Scheme 2016 and 2020 food box membership form.

Barn shop

A barn shop is being developed at the farm. We currently have a large stall outside the barn until the barn shop is ready. As well as meat, eggs and vegetables we sell a selection of young vegetable and herb plants ready for your garden throughout the season. Also we have jams, preserves and chutneys available at various times of year. In winter you will be able to purchase firewood and kindling.