Why come to Clinks Care Farm?

Clinks Farm is a 143 acre working farm. The farm environment is ideal for people who want to build up their confidence and self-esteem through the activities available on the farm. Coming to participate in farming activities at Clinks Care Farm can have an amazing positive affect as the natural environment can help you on your recovery journey and develop work and social skills.  

We offer opportunities to people with various health and/or social care issues to participate through Farm therapy, social care placements, work preparation placements, or educational placements

  • Farm Therapy

    This is ideal for people with mild to moderate mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression to use the farm as a therapeutic space. You will participate in outdoor activities on the farm in small groups. The social side is as important as the work on the farm. So whilst being busy gardening or feeding animals, there will be lots of opportunities to interact with each other and laugh and have fun. People that have taken part in our Farming on Prescription programme have reported improvements in sleep, appetite, mood and have often returned to employment or other activities. Research has also shown that Green Therapies are extremely effective in improving symptoms of stress and mental ill health.

    The natural outdoor space, our animals and the garden, as well as working in a small team, supported by our staff and volunteers, helps you to build up confidence and self-esteem, at your pace. You will have a real sense of achievement through activities such as animal care, working in our market garden, driving a tractor or building a fence. We will help you set small goals that will help you work towards recovery. One session lasts 1 day from 9.30 till 4pm. We have found that attending a number of sessions in succession will increase the positive effect on your mental and physical health, to enable you to get yourself into a position where you are able to face some of the challenges of life again.

    The cost of Farm Therapy is 1 session = £50 6 sessions = £250 (get 6 sessions for the price of 5).

    If you would like to do farm therapy and cost is an issue, or you want to discuss coming to Clinks Care Farm before booking, please ring 01502 679134 and ask for Iris. We welcome arranged visits to the farm to see if this is something you would like to try.

    How do I get involved? You can self-refer or ask a GP or other health professional to refer, please download the form below and email to admin@clinkscarefarm.org or send it in the post to Iris van Zon, Clinks Care Farm, Church Road, Toft Monks, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 OET. One we receive your referral form we will be in touch to arrange a visit to the farm and hopefully get you benefiting from the ‘great outdoors’.

    Farm therapy is a programme specifically designed for people with mild to moderate mental health issues who do not have access to the help from Mental Health Services (Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust).

    However, Clinks Care farm can provide placements for people with learning difficulties or severe and enduring mental health issues and the environment is an ideal therapeutic space to help with people’s recovery. See ‘Placements at Clinks Care Farm’ for information and a referral form.

    Download Farm Therapy Referral Form
  • Social Care Placement

    Coming to Clinks Care Farm may be part of your day care provision and you will have the opportunity to develop a variety of practical skills, social skills and work towards independence and possibly employment.

    Whatever your disability or reason for wanting to come to Clinks Care Farm, what’s important is that you are keen to get stuck in with the activities on the farm. Our focus is not so much on your disability but more on your abilities and we would love you to come along and get involved.

    Clinks Care Farm offers placements to people with

    • mental health issues
    • physical health issues
    • learning difficulties
    • autistic spectrum disorders
    • brain injuries
    • young people who are struggling in mainstream education (year 10 onwards).
    • Dementia

    What activities can I get involved in?

    • Animal husbandry – feeding, mucking out, egg collection and sorting, check and manage animal welfare, moving animals around the farm
    • Market gardening – sowing, propagation, weeding, working in poly tunnels and I market garden, soil improvement
    • Using tools and machinery – tractors, strimmers, mowers, hand tools
    • Farm maintenance – fencing, grass cutting, hedge cutting, maintaining animal housing
    • Vegetable preparation – picking/lifting vegetables using a variety of tools, preparing veg for market, making chutneys
    • Retail – help in the barn shop, at farmers markets and with deliveries
    • Conservation work – planting trees, pruning, mulching
    • Cooking

    Due to the fact that Clinks Farm is a working farm, we can’t take referrals for people with significant mobility problems or people who require 1:1 support from staff on the farm. If you are not sure whether your referral fit the criteria, please contact Clinks Care Farm to discuss your referral.

    How do I get referred to Clinks Care Farm

    A social worker or (mental) health professional can refer. We recommend that they want to contact the farm first for an initial discussion. Placements are often funded through a personal budget. Clinks Care Farm is accredited by Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council social care services, who assess people for a personal budget and finance this.

    Please click here to download a generic referral form. Once we have received a referral, we will organize a visit to the farm to come and have look around. If a placement seems appropriate, we will offer a taster day, for you to come and try it out.

    If you have mental health issues and they are not severe enough to receive help from the mental health service you may want to try ‘Farm Therapy’ at Clinks Care Farm.

    Download Social Care Referral Form
  • Work Preparation Placements

    This involves working on the farm and developing a skill set, developing work skills, getting support and help with job coaching, CV writing, and interview skills.

    For unemployed people living in the rural Waveney (does not include Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth) area, there is a LIFT programme that involves spending 1 day a week(Tuesday) on the farm for 24 weeks building up practical and employment skills. Speak to your job coach to find out if you qualify and to get referred.

    Download LIFT Project Referral Form

    You will be covering the following modules

    • Livestock Management
    • Market gardening (growing vegetables, fruit and flowers)
    • Farm Maintenance
    • Using and maintaining machinery
    • Conservation work
    • Retail, deliveries and preparing vegetables for Sale and the veg box scheme

    Cinks Care Farm is the ideal place to use the farm environment to develop work skills and use it as a preparation for work. We provide a work preparation programme for people with learning disabilities and other long term needs.

    The Work Preparation Programme aims to

    • To develop employment skills
    • Develop skills in one or more of the following areas
    • Identify employment and volunteering opportunities for participants
    • Help people apply for positions
    • Develop interview skills
    • Provide Job coaching

    Your social worker can refer you. Click here to download the work preparation referral form.

    Work preparation referral form, will be coming soon

  • Educational Placements

    Young people who are struggling to engage in mainstream education can come to Clinks Care Farm on an Educational placement. We take students from year 10 onwards.

    An educational placement does not lead to a formal qualification. However, students will be able to develop skills in animal care and horticulture and more importantly develop as socially confident individuals by working in small teams.

    Students with mental health issues seem to benefit a lot from participating at Clinks Care Farm due to the therapeutic nature of the farm environment and the activities on the farm. You can be referred by school/college staff using the educational referral form below.

    Download Educational Referral Form
  • Placement fees
    Please contact the care farm office to discuss placement fees.